Rovinj Market - Where to buy



We buy our fruits at Aleksandra's stand. She has an OPG (family farm) and sells only fruits from her own cultivation. Just mention that Marijana from Casa Amando sent you to her.


Istrian Ham

Marica & Danijel offer Istrian ham from their own production - the best you can get in Rovinj! Our favourites are the hand sliced ham ISTARSKI PRSUT, the bacon called PANCETTA, the fresh eggs from their own free-range chickens and the goat's milk scrud KOZJA SKUTA. They have a funny slogan "JA I SVINJA OBA IZ ŽMINJA" ("The pig and me, both from Žminj") . Just tell them that Marijana from Casa Amando sent you to them and they'll give you the same attention they give me.


Butcher SERĐO

Local butcher, whose meat quality is really good. His beef tartare is highly recommended.

Besides meat products he also sells "real" fresh milk and cheese products of the dairy ORBANIĆ which uses exclusively the milk of its own cows for its cheese production. The cheese cheese TEZAK and the scrud SKUTA are highly recommended.

Delivery days: Tuesday and Friday.

Rovinj Market: Where to buyRovinj Market: Where to buy

Fish Hall

The fish hall RIBARNICA is a good place to buy fresh fish. The prices are more expensive than directly at the fisherman or at CROMARIS next to discount VALALTA but it is close to Casa Amando and here you can get king prawns KOSICE.

Rovinj Market: Where to buyRovinj Market: Where to buy

Distance to Casa Amando: 120m  >navigate there

At the Rovinj market the following stands or shops are of good quality:
• the butcher SERĐO
• the bakery MRVISA
• the fruit & vegetables close to the butcher and bakery
• the Istrian ham, cheese & fresh eggs OPG ERMAN DANIJEL (next to the bakery, they are in the same room)
• the fishhall RIBARNICA
Avoid the right side of the market, from the fountain in the middle to the right – they’re all non-local resellers, selling non-local overpriced products.